High Access Caulking/Coating Application and Removal

Whether you need caulking, sealants, painting, or seal coating, we offer safe, efficient and cost effective services to remedy your problem areas fast.

High Access Light Bulb/Tube Maintenance

Make your building more visible by replacing missing or nonworking light bulbs. We can replace fluorescent tubes, incandescent light bulbs, compact fluorescent lamps, high intensity discharge lamps, high pressure sodium lamps, neon tube signs, and metal halide lamps.

High Access Holiday Light/Decorations

We can install holiday lights, signs and decorations in areas that you may be unable to reach with a ladder or lift.

High Access Bird Deterrent Installation / Removal

We install a variety of non-harmful bird deterrents. Bird spikes, low voltage shock wire and bird netting are just a few of the options available.

Remote Access Inspection (Audio / Video Surveillance)

Building inspections can reveal damage to building structure, plumbing and ventilation systems. We can assist in inspecting your buildings remote and high access areas.

Signs and Banners

We offer a full service of high access sign and banner maintenance, installation, removal, cleaning and repair.

Remote Access Personnel Placement

We can assist in safely getting your employees to high access vent shafts, facades, dams, bridges and elevator shafts.



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